Custom Orders

At Maslinda Designs., we believe that style should be unique and personal

That’s why we offer customisation options on our designs, be it espadrilles, handbags or clothing.

With our customisation service, you can choose to have different ribbons, request a wider fit, a different colour combination, to create a pair of shoes that is totally unique to you. 

For handbags, you may request a different strap, size or fabric.

As for our print on demand apparel, you can chose to have a custom print or embroidery.

To request a custom-made pair please email us at with subject "Custom order" or fill in the form below. You should expect a reply within 24 hours.

If your request is something we can accomodate, we will inform you about any additional charges and the time reqired to complete your order.

Then, our experienced team of artisans can work with you to create a bespoke pair of espadrilles, handbag or item of clothing.

So, if you’re looking for somethning that’s truly one of a kind, come to Maslinda Designs and get customising today!