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This is why you should consider espadrilles on a summer wedding

With the summer weddings back in the game, there is a lot of optimism surrounding brides-to-be and wedding guests alike who are looking to nail the perfect wedding outfit.

However, one important detail that gives the finishing touch of every look is the shoes. When it comes to summer weddings, the footwear options are quite varied. There are classic heels, stilettos, open-toe sandals, flats, and so on. But have you ever considered wearing espadrilles to a wedding? Well, if your answer is no, then, now is the right time to start considering this footwear as your next choice.

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Surely you have seen Kate Middleton and even Meghan Markle wearing such espadrilles at important events. Well, that is a clear pointer that this footwear is royally approved, which means that you can wear it at a wedding. So, no matter if you are the bride, the bridesmaid, or just a guest, here is why espadrilles would make a nice and fresh summer footwear choice:


Espadrilles are very popular this summer


The espadrilles are incredibly popular this summer season. If you choose to wear them as your wedding footwear, you are choosing more than footwear. It is a style that is sitting at the top of the fashion world. All-time-classic and favorite, the espadrilles are a wonderful choice for every summer wedding venue.


They are exquisitely comfortable


The soles of the espadrilles are made out of the canvas, which makes them really comfortable, especially during hot weather. They come in many styles and shapes, but the most well-known for their comfortability are the espadrille wedges. This is because the heel height is distributed across the entire sole. They are so comfortable that you can stand, walk and dance in them without feeling the pressure on your toes or heel.


The styles are extraordinary


Besides the wedges, there are lots of different espadrille styles to choose from. The flats are always a good option and you can choose between the loafer style and the ones with front closed toes and straps. Flat full espadrilles or the loafer style comes in many colors and styles, while the flat espadrilles with straps in the back are chicer and cuter versions, also available in many different options.


So, if you are looking for your perfect summer wedding shoes, be sure to check out our Bridal espadrilles selection and find your pick!

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