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Can I wear espadrilles to a wedding? (spoiler alert: yes!)

Summer is almost here, and so is the wedding & party season.

Summer weddings happening in a beautiful seaside location or the lovely countryside are ocassions to look forward to. Once you have your outfit sorted why not look to a pair of espadrilles for your footwear?

Espadrilles as footwear are an unmissable choice if you are looking for something comfortable, stylish, elegant and pocket friendly.

One common question that pops up is “Can I wear espadrilles to a wedding?” Luckily for all, the answer is “Yes- Sure thing!” There is no doubt when it comes to espadrilles. The classic look and the comfortability make this particular footwear different. It somehow elevates the look with a new and fresh vibe. There is a certain dose of sophistication when it comes to espadrilles. Moreover, they are an eco-friendly and sustainable choice, so, it does not get better than that.

can I wear espadrilles to a wedding

The spring/summer 2022 shoe trends put the espadrilles as a very popular shoe option. If you have never worn espadrilles, now is the time to try them out. And we are more than sure that you will experience a true shoe revelation. The constant struggle to meet the fashionable, stylish, and comfortable starts and ends with the espadrilles. Furthermore, the espadrilles today are not the ones that you knew about 20 years ago. As the fashion trends are constantly changing, the new shoe trends deliver the espadrilles in their most interesting and stylish form so far.

Espadrilles deliver a laid-back glamour. They are chic and universal. They come in several options, heel-related, which makes the choice even more diverse. Besides the flat espadrilles, another very popular model is the wedge espadrille. The wedge espadrilles are more comfortable than pumps and stilettos. This is particularly because they give extra height to the wearer. They look good with almost every outfit and look of the season. From shorts and jeans – to dresses, the espadrilles are an investment.

 can I wear espadrilles to a wedding

 Celebrities love them

Fashionistas, influencers, and the it-girls adore the espadrilles as their go-to shoe choice. And not just them, but the celebrities too. Jennifer Aniston regularly sports designer espadrilles with a striped blouse and shorts. This way, she gets to make her legs look longer and slimmer. Also, the espadrilles are pretty comfortable for a day out. Angelina Jolie is another celebrity name that has embraced the wedge designer espadrilles. Espadrilles add to her signature midi and maxi dress looks and outfits.

 Another special group of women who love and adore espadrilles is the female royals. Time and time again, the espadrilles have proven to be the easiest shoe to wear. An example of that is the Duchess of Sussex, the Duchess of Cambridge, Queen Leticia of Spain, and many more. Kate Middleton is big a great fan of espadrilles forever. Her frequent and common choice is wedge espadrilles. She frequently styles them with maxi dresses, and sometimes with jeans and a blazer. Another big fan of espadrilles and impeccable fashion style is Queen Letizia. She styles the wedge espadrilles with midi dresses and jumpsuits.

can I wear espadrilles to a wedding

 Espadrilles as the top summer shoe trend 

No matter if they come flat or with a raised heel, the espadrilles are the trendiest shoe trend this summer. And the options are pretty varied too. Today, the espadrilles come in different designs. A suitable and practical option for the hot summer days and nights is the open-toe espadrille. The colors, the prints, and the patterns are also exquisite, offering a lot of styling options. That makes the espadrilles great for work, as a daily shoe wear option, to the beach, and even at weddings. Especially at the summer weddings.

 Can you wear espadrilles to a wedding?

Espadrilles for a wedding guest is an approved and suitable choice. Especially if the wedding is being held at a venue or a location that allows it. Like somewhere by the seaside or on the grass. That is because the espadrilles make a great fashion accessory that is casual and chic at the same time. Different espadrille designs have different fashion power. They can add a finishing touch and create an elegant and sophisticated look.

Here at  Maslinda Designs we offer a carefully selected collection of wedding and parties espadrilles that are perfect for weddings and parties.

can I wear espadrilles to a wedding

Here are some wedding styling ideas and how to flaunt your espadrilles this summer:

 Wedding dress + pop of sequins 

Being a summer bride opens a lot of shoe possibilities, and the espadrilles are a pretty cool option to go with. Whether the dress is long and voluminous, or short and minimal, the espadrilles are a cool fit. A bit of sparkle and shine to the espadrilles are what the bridal look needs like our Sequin Espadrilles in Champagne

 Short cocktail dress + wedge espadrilles

 Cocktail dresses are a perfect choice if you are a wedding guest. They are stylish and elegant. They also look great paired with high wedge espadrilles. The high wedge espadrilles will add the desired height. A beautiful option is the Low Wedge Espadrilles in Nude They will go great with the dress in some pastel shade or flower print.

Wide-leg palazzo jumpsuit + leather espadrilles

Wide-leg palazzo jumpsuit is an excellent fashionable summer wedding guest outfit. To nail the summer look, pair the jumpsuit with double sole espadrilles. This way the espadrilles will add quite a sophisticated and elevated tone to the outfit. Our suggestion is the Platform Leather Sandals in While

Enjoy the best summer wedding fashion outfits with sustainable and fashionable Maslinda Designs espadrilles.

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