Can you wear espadrilles in the fall ? 🍁

Can you wear espadrilles in the fall ? 🍁

If you just got back from your holiday and wondering if you can still wear your beloved espadrilles in the fall the answer is yes, most of the time.

The natural jute that espadrilles soles are based on acts as an insulator between the ground and your feet and you will be pleasantly surprised how cozy they feel.

On the same note, you might want to favor closed toe styles and/o neutral and dark colors instead of open toe sandals in brights or pastels

Regarding their style, espadrilles are very versatile and will help you transition from summer to fall effortlessly.

Fall is different depending on where you live. If the climate on your location is mostly warm and dry there's no reason to put them in storage any time soon.

Here are our top 4 tips on how to wear your espadrilles through fall:

  • Choose neutral or dark colors
  • Go go closed-toe styles 
  • Pair them cuffed jeans or wide-legged trousers for a versatile, put-together look.
  • Last but not least check the weather forecast! If there are not clouds in the sky you can safely enjoy your favorite shoes

Finally, here are some of our best espadrilles for Fall

Low Wedge Espadrilles - Herringbone

Low Wedge Espadrilles- Herringbone

Black and White Boho Espadrilles

All Black Lace Up Espadrilles

All Black Lace Up Espadrilles

Ma Belle Espadrilles - Beige

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