16 things to do while #stayhome (that aren't series/ movies/reading) 🏠


As a precaution from the Covid 19 virus millions of people worldwide (mainly Europe and Asia at the moment) are in self-isolation. I know it's a difficult time for all of us (myself included) but l found that it helps a lot if you try to see this temporary situation not as a sacrifice but as an investment for the future of humanity. 

Meanwhile, you can be miserable and/panicking at home or try to make the best of this mandatory downtime. Below you can find some ideas along with resources/links l love. I hope it helps even a little bit.😊

1. Marie Kondo your closet
2. Then try on some looks and walk around the house instead of your pjs
3. Clean up your make up bag
4. Then try a new makeup look
5. Take selfies along the way
6. Then take it off and give yourself a facial, body scrub and a massage using all these samples lying around in your bathroom
7. Work out (my faves Heather Robertson and Pop Sugar fitness)
8. Do yoga/ meditate (Fightmaster yoga, Yoga with Adrienne)
9. Start a DIY project (Collective Gen)
10. Try learning a new language (Duolingo, Drops)
11. Or a new skill (Creativelive, Skillshare)
12. If you read all the books in your library try an audiobook/ebook (Scribd, Librivox, Openlibrary)
13. Call text Skype your friends and family
14. Journal (Journey, Christie Zimmer)
15. Shop online (consciously) i.e. do not buy sth you don't need or you can't afford
16. Enter a giveaway, you might get lucky ( we run our own right now, check our profile)

Do you have any more ideas or resources? Add your own in the comments!



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