About Maslinda

Mas*Linda (means more beautiful) 

Maslinda Designs is a handmade brand that combines bohemian and minimal aesthetics to create unique and easy to wear bags and espadrilles.

work in progress maslinda designs

Everything is well made, unique, beautiful, functional and comfortable.The line’s simple, organic shapes and luscious textures and shades appeal to the woman who values individuality and creativity.
We try to make our creations as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible using mostly natural materials.
Every single item is lovingly designed and carefully crafted by hand by our small and dedicated team, ensuring top quality and designs that you will not find anywhere else.

maslinda designs espadrilles

Mas Linda literally means "more beautiful" and my goal is to create a world of beauty and share it with you. 

Our customer reviews are the best advertisment we could ever have and we are immensely  grateful for every one of them.

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