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Made just for you ❤️

Did you know that you can request customization for almost any item in our collection?

made jut for you

You can choose to have different ribbons, request a wider fit, a different colour combination, you name it ! While we may not be able to accommodate all customisation requests it's definitely worth asking since not only your feedback and ideas are valuable to me but more importantly I'm always happy and excited to hear from you 😄

A customer recently requested, have a add a heel and ribbon to the (famous) evil eye slide, while another customer who was getting the Word Map style request that her pair was picturing Central America where her husband is from (so sweet 💕).

This kind of personal rapport is just one of the many benefits of buying from a small, independent company.

Make sure to make your custom requests before placing an order, you should expect a reply within 24 hours. Can't wait to hear your thoughts.


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