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A (very) brief history of the espadrilles

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You may or may not know that espadrilles have a really long history behind them. I did some research and l was pretty fascinated. Fist of all, the first espadrilles were made back in the 13th century in Northern Spain form the plant esparto. There were shoes worn by soldiers and workers, light, durable and comfortable.

a brief history of the espadrilles

They gained popularity in Europe and the US during the 40s where they were worn by movie stars such as Laureen Bacall and artists such as Salvator Dali.

During the 70s, espadrilles came back to fashion thanks to Yves Saint Laurent and never really come out of fashion ever since!

Today you can find espadrilles in many styles and at various price points in the collections of designers such as Gucci, Prada, and  Valentino, in department stores and small boutiques and of course right here in our shop!

lauren bacall in espadrilles

maslinda espadrilles sandals

salvator dali in espadrilles

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